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Parental Monitoring 

Families have an opportunity to play an important role in preventing youth from engaging in risky health behaviors during adolescence by providing parental monitoring. According to the CDC, parental monitoring includes the expectations parents have for their teen’s behavior, the actions parents take to keep track of their teen, and the ways parents respond when their teen breaks the rules. Studies have documented a consistent link between higher levels of parental monitoring and lower levels of problem behaviors among adolescents such as substance use and risky sexual behaviors. Look through the resources below to learn more about how you can monitor your teen.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Online Safety

Today families need to be aware of what their adolescent is doing online. While social media has some great features, it can also lead teens vulnerable to cyberbullying, providing personal information and photos, and catfishing by predators. Check out the resources below to see how you can help keep your teen safe online.

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