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Sexual Health

Talking to Teens About Sex

Research shows that talking to your teens about sex can make a difference. Having frequent conversations about a variety of topics related to sex (abstinence, STDs, pregnancy, masturbation, healthy relationships, etc.) can lead to your teen being more likely to delay sex, and to use condoms and other birth control methods when they do become sexually active.  Check out the resources below to learn accurate sexual health information and tips and timelines for talking to your teens about sex.

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Sexual Health Services

Your child’s health has been important to you since the day they came into your lives.  As teens the concerns may only increase.  As you have noticed their bodies are changing!  It is now time for them to become more involved in their own healthcare.

Parents can help their adolescent become more autonomous with their health care by stepping out of the room during doctors’ visits to allow some one-on-one time with the provider.  One-on-one time gives adolescents an opportunity to raise any concerns and discuss sensitive issues with the provider.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that providers begin having time alone with adolescents as early as age 11.

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Talking to Your Teen About Sex

Sexual Health Services

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