Sexual Health Education

School Policies

Hillsborough County Public Schools’ Comprehensive Health Education policy is aligned with all state statutes and can be found here:

Policy Manual

Sexual Health Education at Hillsborough County Public Schools

Currently, sexual health education is provided in the following courses:

  • some 7th grade science classes

  • 8th grade PE classes in select schools

  • high school Health Opportunities Through Physical Education (HOPE) course

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All sexual health content is aligned with the Florida Health Education Standards and the National Sexuality Education Standards.

An opt-out form is sent home with all students prior to sexual health instruction. If a parent does not want their student to participate in sexual health education, they can sign the form and send it back to the school. In this instance, the student would not be penalized, but would be pulled from the class during the instruction and given an alternate assignment

What Works


Learn more about what has been found effective at preventing HIV, STDs, and unintended pregnancy among adolescents:

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Talking to Teens About Sex

Research shows that talking to your teens about sex can make a difference. Having frequent conversations about a variety of topics related to sex (abstinence, STDs, pregnancy, masturbation, healthy relationships, etc.) can lead to your teen being more likely to delay sex, and to use condoms and other birth control methods when they do become sexually active.  Check out the resources below to learn accurate sexual health information and tips and timelines for talking to your teens about sex.

Learn More About Sexual Health & Dating

Learn More About Talking to Your Teen About Sex